About Us

To develop a community of healthcare innovators and practitioners devoted to improving healthcare outcomes and redefining the future of healthcare.

Our vision is to facilitate engagement of physicians in development of healthcare technology. We are not here to build the world's largest healthcare startup network, but we are here to build the BEST!

While we are strong supporters of technology, our real strength is our community of skilled, motivated, and dedicated physicians and industry partners. As healthcare experts, angel investors, venture capitalists, physician advisors, and healthcare innovators, our goal is to make a meaningful impact on healthcare and to solve real problems.

We are firmly committed to using our resources to make a difference, improving healthcare delivery, enhancing patient experience, and realizing a return on our investments. We are here to help each other. Together we will redefine the future of healthcare!

We began as a small group of physicians with a desire to invest in innovative healthcare ideas. We quickly recognized the need for developing a community of physicians and innovators dedicated to bringing a change in global healthcare.

Our network of physicians have subject matter expertise in all healthcare specialties. We believe clinicians are best positioned to assess the impact of new technology and assist in the development lifecycle. Through innovation we can improve health outcomes, impact the quality of life, and thus increase the value of healthcare.

And YES, we are also here to claim our fair share of that value.

Together we will positively impact healthcare for future generations.

Leadership Team